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Was fortunate to see you in Boston and Reno this year.  Every entertaining with a variety of songs.  Beautiful voice and lovely young lady!

I have been listening to your CD 'ITALIANA FRESCA' with great pleasure since I bought it from your 'Momager' at the Reno Italian Days Festival this past weekend. Your music is wonderfully, wonderfully fresh!

The arrangements and musicianship are absolutey top-notch throughout. I can say these things without hesitation because -Hey! I'm the Pope of Reno! And I am infallible . . . occasionally.

As I approached your stage with The Big Bad Sinner (pictured below in red) -who I again failed to reform-, I was immediately entranced by your interpretation of "Oh Ma-Ma!" -or in many Italian words "C'e La Luna Mezz'o Mare" - a song I've heard many many times sans appreciation. Heck, I always figured it was about a big Italian mama making lasagna or somethin' . . .
Your version was lovely, intimate and caring, - a heart to heart conversation between a mother and a daughter complete with heartfelt bad advice.

I am enjoying all the songs on your CD. Your breathtaking version of 'O Solo Mio' (another song I've heard far far too often) is in my humbly infallible opinion a crystalline standout! Gorgeous!!! Tender!!! Touching!!! Molto Fresca!!! In me, it invoked a dreamy mood . . . and putting it in 5/4 time gave it an exquisite sense of air, breath and suspended time. 

Thank-you Vanessa! 
Molto Grazie! Molto Grazie! Molto Grazie!
Oh, and Bless You too . . . because hey, I am tall but humbly yours,
-The Pope of Reno!

Alex Henderson, for NYC Jazz Record

At Italian-American festivals on the East Coast, alongside the pizza fritte and sausage and peppers, one often hears a combination of crooner-associated American standards of the ‘40s-60s and traditional songs from Southern Italy. New York City-based Vanessa Racci, herself an Italian-American, delves into that type of repertoire on Italiana Fresca, celebrating the folk traditions of Southern Italy and paying homage to Italian-American artists like Dean Martin (né Dino Paul Crocetti), Louis Prima and Connie Francis (née Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero). Racci takes chances with the material, embracing postbop arrangements and incorporating elements of AfroCuban or Brazilian jazz.  Read more (Page 20)

Magda Katz, for Times Square Chronicles

There are many singers keeping the Great American Songbook alive, but few singers keep the Great Italian Songbook alive. There was a time when popular Italians songs could be heard on top ten radio stations sung by Dean Martin, Al Martino, Bobby Rydell Jerry Vale.  Today’s generation have never heard these wonderful songs sung. Last Sunday night Vanessa Racci released her Italiana Fresca CD at Birdland and demonstrated that the Great Italian Songbook is in good hands.  Read more

Lynn DiMenna, for Cabaret Scenes

On the cover of her CD, looking like she was plucked right out of a piazza in Naples or, at the very least, a scene from La Dolce Vita, Racci describes her first recorded effort as a “jazz-inspired twist on Italian-American classics.” For me, her colorful interpretations of this unique and impressive song list go down like the refreshing blend of a signore’s Negroni and a signora’s Aperol spritzer…part bitter, part sweet, smooth and fizzy, with an abundance of orange and lemon peels thrown in for added kicks.  Read more

All About Jazz

Vanessa Racci, A Stunning New Pop-Jazz Voice Gives Italian-American Classics A Jazz Spin On Debut Recording "Italiana Fresca".  Read more

Midwest Record

A modern gal from an old school New York Italian household heard her grandpa play his old records around the house all day long. In anti diva mode, she refashions these tunes easily into being at home on "Mob Hits" compilations for hipsters. Viola, she's made them fresh and fun for everyone in the process.  Read more

ePR News

Praised for her “truly remarkable voice and style” (Mike Bennett, WHUD radio), Vanessa has used big-band, small-group, and Afro-Cuban jazz as well as lush strings to give that music an exciting new sound.  Read more

Interview on The Paul Leslie Hour

Click here

Published on May 24, 2017

Jazz Singer & Recording artist Vanessa Racci joins Paul Leslie to talk about her debut album "Italiana Fresca" featuring her interpretations of songs from the Italian-American Songbook.

Gary Vercelli, for Capital Public Radio

Vanessa explores the Italian-American songbook, originally pioneered by Connie Francis, Dean Martin, Al Martino, and Louie Prima. The arrangements on this album offer a unique blend of American jazz and Mediterranean roots.  Read more