“Racci gives [the songs] imaginative jazz vocal makeovers”

- Alex Henderson, NYC Jazz Record

“A full plate of Neopolitan flavors”

– George Harris, Jazz Weekly

"Vocalist, Vanessa Racci, lovingly delivers creative arrangements of Italian classics, interpreted in a Jazz style on her excellent new album, Italiana Fresca. Highly Recommended!"

- Mark Morganelli, Executive Director, Jazz Forum Arts

"I absolutely love the idea behind this album. Vanessa, with her clear, mellow alto, has taken songs treasured for generations and completely redefined them. A wonderful, warm-hearted listen from top to bottom."

- Jane Monheit, Jazz Sensation.

"Excellent performance, great voice. You bring emotion end Class!!!"

- Ciao Tony Con Tony Pasquale, ICN Radio New York

"This is not an  old school Starbucks Italian song comp.  A modern gal from an old school New York Italian household heard her grandpa play his old records around the house all day long.  In anti diva mode, she refashions these tunes easily into being at home on “Mob Hits” compilations for hipsters.  Viola, she’s made them fresh and fun for everyone in the process.  Bringing in some real jazzbos to keep it real, nobody is going to call you a Moustache Pete when you get to grooving to these classics.  Fun stuff with just the right touch throughout, her cd could easily replace Jimmy Roselli’s in certain glove boxes in certain cars.  Killer stuff throughout."

- Mid-West Record Review

"Vanessa Racci's, 'Italiana Fresca', was a joy to work on for this Paesana. Vanessa's clear vision for the music, guided me as a teacher and mentor."

- Jackie Presti, Vocal Coach.

"During my career, I have worked with many singers, and I can honestly say that rarely, I've come across a singer like Vanessa Racci. Her voice is golden, and her singing is superb. She is truly unique! Listening to her is a real treat!"

- Yaron Gershovsky, Manhattan Transfer Musical Director

"Vanessa Racci's CD is Al Di Lighfull"

- Bill Miller, National Radio Host

"This quite unique recoding stands out from the crowd. Vanessa Racci's great sound blends perfectly with jazzy arrangements of Classic Italian-American songs."

- Ron Forman, WKRB